Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 9 Feb 6, 2011

Well Grandma and Papa left very very early this morning. I think I heard them around 6 am. Sad to see them go it was nice having extra help. Hope they have fun on the rest of their journey.

The weather was cold and raining. We made sure we had our umbrellas and rain coats. It was just sprinkling when we left so we just put the kids in their coats. We did Epcot today. This is our second day there and are planning on doing the world showcase. Don't know how long the boys will last but we will see.

The first ride we did was Universe of Energy with Ellen Degenegers. A very cool ride. The whole audience goes on the ride thru the beginning of earth. Next Cameron and I went and did a few things in Innoventions East and Bob, Hailey and Isaac went and did Test Track and Mission Space. Hailey was so disappointed in Test Track. Last time we where at Disney she was on in the car and it broke down. I made her get out as it was 9:30 at night and I was worried my Mother would be so worried as she had gone back to our hotel room at 4:30 as soon as Hailey and I where walking down the ramp the ride started again. Anyway Hailey said the ride just goes around the track she was very very disappointed. In the Mission Space ride Isaac was the pilot, Hailey was the navigator.

We had lunch at the Electric Umbrella. Nuggets for the kids and hamburgers and fries for Bob and me. It was good food and they had colouring pages for the kids so they liked that. The sun started to come out and it had stopped raining.

Now we where gearing up for a around the world tour. The First stop was Mexico. The kids got their card board bear that you can colour and you get a stamp at each country. We did the ride there Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros. It is a cute boat ride and the kids loved it. Norway was next and Isaac wanted to do the Kim Possible adventure. You get a cell phone and it has you do a few things to try and save the country. It was not what we expected at all. Poor Bob and the boys where all over Norway. It had no logic you went here there and everywhere. Needless to say we only did one adventure. We all went on the ride at Norway which was Maelstrom. This is all the rides they have at the world showcase so Bob and I decided we would go to every country but just let the kids get their stamp and not try and see everything at each country because it really is just a bunch of gift shops with stuff for that country. China was next and the art work on the ceiling of the building was breath taking. Germany has a miniature village next to it. The boys like it and wanted to watch the trains go around. The next countries where Italy where they had a guy doing tricks with a soccer ball, The American Adventure, have to say very disappointed that they did not have much to show for USA, Japan and then Morocco. Next was France and Hailey had to complete a homework assignment by talking to someone in French for 5 minutes with proper grammar. She only lasted about 2 minutes but the lady said Hailey spoke very well. Next on the world tour was United Kingdom. Isaac was thrilled that they had a maze and he had to go thru it. At this point Cameron was getting tired and just wanted to sit and play on my blackberry. I sat with him while Bob took the big kids and got their bears stamped. Pooh and Tiger where in the United Kingdom with no line up and no kids but our kids where not interested so Bob just got a picture of them. We where all excited now to head off to Canada. The best country of course. The band was playing so we sat on the ground and listened for a little bit. We just got the end of the show. All of us did the gift shop and then I sat with Cameron while he played cars. We sat right outside the gift shop beside a totem poll. It had a hidden Mickey on it and I got to help about 10 people find it. Bob took the big kids to see the Canadian film. It starred Martin Short. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

This was a very long day at the park. We picked up Wendy's for supper. It was cold outside so the kids did not want to go swimming. So they did some more homework and off to bed they went.

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  1. Sounds like a nice round of the world showcase. When we were there in 2008 I was exhausted since we were there all day and sticking around for new years eve. There are some great sites there, and the Frecnh pavilian is where we had our new years eve dinner (at the same time it was new years eve in France)

    I am glad she got to go on the Test Track ride. I guess actual drivers may appreciate it more - we really liked it. And Loveed the ellen ride - although it broke down about 3/4 of the way through our ride.

    This is a great blog - yay!