Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 12 Feb 9, 2011

Wow this is our last day at the parks. This has been an awesome trip. The kids are having so much fun. Not looking forwarded to going back to the cold and the snow.

We are planning on going to Magic Kingdom for our last day and we are going later in the morning and then going back after supper to see the fireworks.

We took the monorail to the park this time. Our first stop was the Walt Disney railroad. We got off at Frontierland. Bob, Hailey, Isaac and Cameron went on Big Thunder railroad. After this we where headed for Pirates of Caribbean. We took a wrong turn and ended up dancing and singing at the Country Bear Jamree. We did get back on track in the right direction and ended up at Pirates of the Caribbean. There was no line for this ride at all. This ride was very disappointing for all us. There was so much hype about this ride from other people and all the books I had read. We where not impressed at all. It was boat ride with scenes from the movie along the way. I have never seen the movies so maybe that is why I was disappointed. On the way out we say Pirate Goofy. As Cameron had worn his pirate hat and shirt he wanted to see Goofy. So we went and had his picture taken with him. Goofy then had to have his picture taken with Bob as Bob was wearing his goofy hat. Next stop Jungle Cruise there was about a 30 minute wait for this ride but with Isaac pass we got right into the fast pass lane and passed everyone. Everyone loved this ride and our tour guide was great. Bob talked me into going on the next ride with the kids. It was The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Basically the same ride as Dumbo but with carpets instead of an elephant. The kids like the ride. Last but not least Isaac and I went on Splash Mountain. No one else wanted to get wet. Most of the people coming off the ride where pretty dry so I was not worried. They turn down the water in the colder months. This was a cool ride, I thought it was just the big drop but they have scene from the Briar Rabbit story and you go down about 2 or 3 drops to get you ready for the big one. Needless to say Isaac and I sat at the front of the boat and we got soaked. I mean really soaked. Thank Gosh it was not too cold.

We went back to the townhouse and had lunch, naps, and a swim. Then we had supper. After supper we headed back to the park. First stop was the show Laugh Floor, thank Gosh we got there when we did as we saw the last show of the day. We then went on the People Mover. This ride takes you about tommorrowland and gives you a great view. It was cool to see everything at night. Bob, Cameron and Isaac then went on Buzz Lightyears' Space Ranger spin. They let Cameron drive and he is a crazy driver.

After all this we thought we had better go and claim a spot for the fireworks. I wanted to sit far away as I was worried about Cameron with the noise and Isaac with all the people. Bob convinced me to sit along the path. We had good view and there was not a lot of people. First we saw The Magic, the Memories and you. They basically show a film on the castle so cool. However they turn the lights down for this and Bob had taken Isaac to the bathroom and Hailey had went to get me some popcorn and a ice cream for herself, so I was starting to get worried that no one would get to us. They all made it fine. Then we saw the fireworks. No one does it better than Disney. It was not too loud for Cameron but the baby standing beside us started to cry. The Mom was so worried he was bothering us. No problem is what I said, been there and done that, as soon as she could move their family they went a bit further away. After the fireworks we stayed where we where for a while to avoid the crowds and then went towards the castle as everyone else was gong away. To put in more time we did a little bit of window shopping. We took the ferry back to the TTC. Cameron waved goodbye to Mickey Mouse. It was so sad our vacation is over. But then the boys where all excited that they get to go on a plane again.

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