Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 6 Feb 3, 2011

Grandma and Papa are gong to do some shopping today and pick up a few things we need. They only got 2 day passes to the parks and are going to go with us tomorrow.

Beautiful weather today. We went to Hollywood Studios. I was looking forward to going to this park. When I went with Mom and Hailey in 2008 we only went to the Brown Derby and then to see Fatasmia so I was interested to see what this park had to offer. I will have to say my brain was not working today. I think too many sleepless nights was the problem. Bob had a cold and was snoring so loud most nights that he kept me up and even woke Cameron up a couple of times.

First thing Isaac and Bob did was go on the Tower of Terror. Cameron was too short and Hailey does not like drop rides so she opted out of this one. While Bob and Isaac went on the Tower of Terror, Hailey, Cameron and I visited some of the gift shops along the way. We sat down on some benches outside of the Tower of Terror and waited for Bob and Isaac. After they met us, Bob took the big kids to go and ride the Rock N' Roller coaster and I took Cameron for a walk to see if we could find Lighting McQueen and Mater and Bob was to email me when he was done and we would meet up there.

Cameron and I spotted Goofy and Pluto and he wanted to meet them so we waited in line for about 10 minutes. The autograph book I had got from the dollar store really sucked, and the character's had a hard time signing it. Cameron loved meeting and hugging Goofy and Pluto. At this time I realized I did not have my cell phone. So we headed back to where we had sat waiting for Bob and Isaac. I saw Bob and Hailey and Isaac and we all went back to see if we could find my cell phone. A gentlemen their said he had found it and gave to to a lady from guest services. So off to guest services Hailey and I went. Thank God they had it and all was well. As I said early my brain just was not working today and I must have sat it down and forgot to pick it up.

So now we where off to find Lighting McQueen and Mater. This is all Cameron talked about before we left so he was extremely excited. We found them and only had to wait for about 5 minutes. Cameron was so happy and hugged both lighting McQueen and Mater. He was a little disappointed that they didn't talk but thrilled to meet them. Cameron then spend almost all of his money on Lighting McQueen cars and a few other things they had for sale.

Lunch was next and we ate at Pizza Planet Arcade. Can you guess what we had for lunch. If you guessed pizza you are right. Pizza and Caesar salad again. The pizza was good and the kids loved it.

Next we went and saw Muppet Vision 3D. This was a great show and everyone really enjoyed it. Brought back memories of my childhood and watching that show. After that show we where off to find Toy Story Midway Mania. Bob took the kids and I waited with all their stuff. On the way to the ride they got to see the Green Army guy and get his autograph. Isaac loved this ride.

Now we rushed and I mean rushed to go and see the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt show. When we got there it had already started but they where packing the people in. We had to walk up a whole bunch of stairs. Bob went ahead with the big kids and Cameron and I took our time. Cameron is extremely slow on stairs as he only has little legs. I found and put in Cameron's ear plugs. He does not like loud noises and this show is loud. It was a really cool show that shows you how they do some stunts in the movies. I was disappointed that we missed the beginning of the show but my Motto for the trip was we can't do everything.

We where all tired so we went back to the townhouse. Everyone had naps even Hailey as she was still not feeling 100%.

Grandma and Papa offered to look after the boys so we could take Hailey out for supper. She had been so great with helping out with the boys we thought we would treat her. I tired to get us reservations at any restaurant at Hollywood Studios but could not get one. Disney had their free dining promotion on for resort guest when we where there so if you didn't book ahead you didn't get a reservation. With Grandma and Papa coming two days early we had changed our plans on what parks we where going on what days so the reservations I made where all screwed up. Probably for the best anyway as the sit down restaurants where more pricey and we didn't want to waste time at a restaurant when we could be enjoying the parks. Sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to. Anyway we took Hailey out to Pondersa. I was looking forward to this, I remember going there in Woodstock when I was a kid. I was sadly disappointed the food was ok but the buffet did not have a lot of choices of food that I liked. Hailey was impressed with the Cherry Coke she got.

After supper we headed back to Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic. I did see it last time we where there but it was so cold and you sit on steel benches I don't remember much about the show. We where there at 6 pm and the show starts at 7:30 but the stadium was almost full. There where people every where. So glad we did not bring the boys. Isaac does not like crowds and Cameron is so small you could easily lose him. The show was awesome and the weather was even better I did not even have to wear my sweater. After the show leaving the stadium was really slow. There is got to be a better way to do it. They need another exit or something.

To avoid the rush of people leaving the park we visited some gift stores on our way out. I got the picture frame I wanted and a couple of others things. Grandma and Papa had offered to bring those items home for me so I did not have to worry about carrying them on the plane.

We made it back to the townhouse around 9:30 and the boys where very good for Grandma and Papa and where in bed. Off to bed the rest of us went.

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