Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 11 Feb 8, 2011

Another cool morning today. We are off to Animal Kingdom. Hopefully it is not as crowded as the other day we went.

The first thing we did was go to Dino land USA and went on the ride Dinosaur. I was worried Cameron might get to scared but Bob thought he would be fine. You ride in a vehicle and supposedly you go back in time to try and bring a dinosaur back with you. It was a very rough ride. My back was sore after this one. Cameron was a bit scared as there was some dark areas and the dinosaurs where big and loud. Next we rode Triceratops spin twice. There was no line for this ride at all. It is the same as the Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom. You are riding dinosaurs instead of a elephant. The Primeval Whirl was being worked on so we could not go on that ride.

Now we had to rush to go and see Lion King it was clear across the park. We made it and got to go in the wheel chair lane because of Isaac's pass. We could have picked a seat anywhere. We decided not to pick the seat right in front as the cast member said that you would be up close and I thought the boys might not like that. It was just as good as last time. I was singing and clapping along. The two ladies in front of us where so nice and make sure they moved apart so Cameron could see. Bob thinks the monkeys stole the show. We got to sit in the giraffe secion and learned that giraffee's baa like sheep.

Now we where off to lunch at Rain forest cafe. I wanted to make reservations somewhere else but all the choices where something I didn't think my kids would like. This is considered outside the park so you had to go thru the turn styles and use your pass to get back in. The themeing for this restaurant was awesome. Our reservation was for 11am but we got there at noon. No problem we got in right away. They must pay the waiters commission or something like that as our waitress tried to get us to pay extra for a kids cup, tired her best to get us to order appetizers and was disappointed we did not order dessert for the kids. Even without all the it still cost almost $75.00. This was our last big treat for the kids.

So after lunch we walked back to Dino Land and let the kids play in The Bone yard. Bob went with Isaac and Hailey took Cameron and I had to stayed and watch all our bags. The kids loved it, they have slides and things for your to climb on and they have a bone yard the kids can dig in as well. There is only one exit so you can let your kids run wild if you would like. Some people did, with Isaac we can't do that so Bob kept a good watch on him. Isaac has improved so much, he didn't melt down when someone budded in front of him or pushed him it was nice not to have to worry so much.

After all the fun we headed back to the townhouse and the kids went swimming again. They just love that pool. I purchased water wings and a float and some pucks from the dollar store. The kids used them every day. Sometimes the stuff at the dollar store is worth it.

Can't believe that tommorrow is our last day at the parks. Where did the time go.

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