Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 8 Feb 5, 2011

Today was a lazy day. We where not going to any parks today. We got to sleep in until 7 am. yeah!!!! Grandma and I made a big breakfast for everyone. Bacon, Eggs, Toast and sad sad pancakes. I bought the pancake mix where you just add water and shake. However I did not have a measuring cup so I had to guestamate and I guestamated a little bit too much water. You can't take it out. They looked gross but tasted yummy the kids even ate them.

I decided that I did not want to go shopping at Downtown Disney as I would probably buy stuff we didn't need and the boys did not want to go at all. So Bob took Hailey and his parents to Downtown Disney.

I took the boys to the play structure and brought the pass key this time. They had so much fun and I meet some other people from Canada. The boys even made sand castles. After playing we came back and I let the boys swim in the pool at the townhouse.

Bob took this parents and Hailey to the Biggest Disney store in the world, Once Upon a Toy and the Lego store.

After lunch the boys and Hailey went swimming and Grandma and Papa went to Wal Mart and a few other stores. They brought home the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. They had purchased them on the side of the road for $2.00. They where huge. I did not take a picture and now I wish I would have.

Now it was time to go to the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. We went and parked at the Fort Wilderness Lodge and then took the resort bus to the Pioneer Hall where the Hoop Dee Doo Musical is held. We should have paid more attention more on that a bit later. While we where waiting in line Cameron got picked to ring the dinner bell. He thought this was really fun. We got to sit upstairs on the balcony. I liked these seats as you could see everything. They started us off with a salad and corn bread. They did not have much for the kids so we ordered the boys PB & J and Hailey Macaroni and Cheese. The serve the food family style. You get fried chicken, Ribs, corn bread (my favourite) and baked beans. Hailey did not like the Macaroni and Cheese so she ended up having PB & J as well. The show was funny and cute and down right good fun. They had a couple celebrating their 62nd anniversary. They sang and they got to dance. 62 years that is a long long long time to be married. The gentleman almost fell getting out of his chair, I am assuming the couple had to be in their 80's but he held his own when dancing with his wife and even gave her a kiss on the cheek. Too cute, Too cute. I Hope Bob and I are still in love after 62 years.

When we exited the show it was dark. They had a wagon and horse if you wanted to go on a wagon ride. Cameron wanted to but no one else did so we did not do that. We went to the bus stop where we had gotten off but could not find out what bus we had to take to get back to get us to where we had parked. The map was not very helpful. The first bus driver was very rude and not helpful at all. We waited about 20 minutes and got on the yellow bus. It drove around all the bus stops at the campground. We where starting to get worried as we did not know what to do. The bus driver got out of his seat and talked to us and told us he would get us to where we need to go he just had to due the loop one more time. So we did the loop and he took us to the bus stop at Fort Wilderness Lodge. We found the Van and drove home. We even saw some fireworks on the drive back. I had to drive as they gave Bob a pitcher of beer at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. So that is one of the reasons the price is so high.

Grandma and Papa where leaving first thing in the morning so we gave hugs and kisses and wished them a safe journey.

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