Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 5 Feb 2, 2011

7 in a van and the little one said move over move over lol. Grandma and Papa where joining us today as we went to Magic Kingdom. We took 1 vehicle and Papa sat in the back with Hailey and Isaac. Next time we will put Cameron in the back so Papa does not have to climb out.

We took the monorail from the TTC to the entrance. I have to say that is the one thing I don't like about Magic Kingdom. You have to take the parking trams to the TTC and then take the Monorail or the Ferry Boat to the entrance. Staying at the resort last time we didn't have to do that, just got dropped of near the entrance. It takes over 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the entrance.

After going thru security we went to guest services as we wanted to changed Isaac pass from 5 people to 6 (the maximum they will allow) and replace the one he had as he spilled juice on it the day before. As usual guest services was awesome and there was no wait.

The plan was to take the train to Toontown and walk to Fantasyland. So we did ride the train but you can't get off at ToonTown until 10 am so back to main street we went. We proceeded to walk towards the castle. We saw Minnie and Mickey mouse along with some fireworks. We stopped off at the statue of Walt and Mickey as Bob wanted to get a picture of him and Cameron in the same pose. Let's just say there was a lot of people and some of them where very rude. I did get some shots but not the exact one I wanted.

We finally made it to Fanatasyland and decided to do Dumbo first as there is not fast pass for this ride. Not too long of a wait, the kids had to wait about 10 minutes. Cameron had already determined before we left on the trip that we was going to ride Dumbo with Hailey so, Bob took Isaac and me and Grandma and Papa waited. Getting pictures was hard, you could see Bob but not Isaac both me and Papa tried but all you see in the pictures is Bob. Next Bob and Papa took Hailey and Isaac to do Snow White's Scary Adventure. I wanted Bob to go first and see if it was too scary for Cameron. Cameron is the scared cat of our family and I didn't want him to get scared and then not want to go on any more rides for the rest of the day. While they where dong that Grandma and I waited in line for Cameron to go on the Cinderella's Golden Carrousel or it may be called Prince Charming Regal Carrousel depending on which book you read. Well wouldn't you know it this ride broke down. They didn't know how long it was going to take to fix it, and the cast member told us not to wait as there is never more than a 5 minute wait for this ride as it can hold a lot of people. At this point Bob meet up with us and determined that the Snow White ride was too scary for Cameron. He then had to try and find the bathroom because Isaac had to go again. The carrousel was fixed by this time so I took Cameron on the ride. Everyone went and saw Mickey's Philhar Magic. I love this show and everyone enjoyed it. Next stop Peter Pan's Flight. Mom, Hailey and I missed this ride last time so I was happy to finally be able to go on it. Bob and Isaac went together, Cameron and Papa, Grandma and Hailey and me by myself. It was cute little ride. Now we split up, Bob had already determined before we left that we was not under any circumstances going onto the ride It's a Small world, so he and Papa took Hailey and Isaac and went and did Hunted Mansion while Grandma Cameron and I rode on It's a Small World. There was no line for It's a Small world. Grandma, Cameron and I really enjoyed the ride and Grandma and I even sang the song while on the ride. Isaac was excited that they had their very own ghost on the ride at the Haunted Mansion.

We all meet up again and decided to have lunch. We ate at The Pinocchio Village Haus. Cameron, Hailey, Isaac and I had pizza and Cesar salad with some french fires, Bob had a meatball sub, and Grandma and Papa had the chicken with rice. Everything was great and not that expensive, still Disney prices but it costs us under $40 for the 5 of us. We didn't buy drinks so that did save us some money.

After lunch the first ride we went on was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Since Isaac pass only is for 6 and there was pretty good line, I decided to wait and everyone else went on the ride. I don't think the big kids like the ride as it is geared for Cameron's age and younger but Cameron liked it. We skipped the Mad Tea Party ride as Bob and I don't like spinning rides and Hailey still had an upset tummy so I didn't think it was a good idea for her to do the ride especially after she just ate.

Now we headed to Tomorrowland. Papa, Bob, Hailey, Isaac and Cameron waited in line and did Tomorrowland Indy Speedway. Grandma and I did some shopping and looking at the gift shop. We saw the talking and moving garbage can. I had heard about this but had never seen it. Everyone was looking around and laughing at it.
Everyone has disappointed about the speedway as their vehicles did not go very fast. Next on the agenda was Space Mountain, as Cameron was not tall enough for this ride, it was determined that Grandma, me and Cameron would go on the People Mover while everyone else went on Space Mountain. While on the People Mover we saw Papa, Bob, Hailey and Isaac in front of Space Mountain, with my loud voice they heard me and looked up and waived. Cameron thought that was really cool.

By this time we could tell Cameron was tired and Hailey was looking green under the gills. So Grandma and I decided to head back to the townhouse with Hailey and Cameron and Bob, Papa and Isaac where gong to do some more rides and then email me when they wanted me to come back and pick them up.

Grandma and Hailey got some soft ice cream while I got Cameron a rainbow popsicle like the big kids got yesterday. Cameron took about 3 licks of the popsicle and didn't want it any more. What a waste of $3.25 . After our snack we headed back thru Toontown to get to the train. We stopped off at Minnie and Mickey's house. Cameron really enjoyed that. Minie's house has a lot of interactive things to do. It was Rather busy so we did not stay long. It seemed to take hours to get to the townhouse. We had to take the train to Main street, then the monorail to the parking trams and the parking tram to the Van and the Van to the townhouse. In reality in only took about 45 minutes. Hailey and Cameron had a nap. Grandma went swimming in the pool at the townhouse and I visited with her there.

Isaac, Papa and Isaac went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. They went and saw the show Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. Bob said Isaac loved it and could not stop laughing. They even got to be on the screen on the stage. Papa and Isaac rode Astro Orbiter. Isaac and Bob rode Space Mountain again. They stopped for ice cream and caught the tale end of the parade. After the parade they did Haunted Manison one more time.

Bob emailed me and I had to figure out where to pick him up. I did not go the right way and ended up in the disability parking lot. Stupid me forgot my cell phone so I could not call him. I saw them walking out of the TTC and tired to wave and yell but they where too far away. I didn't want to stay long as I parked in the handicapped lot and did not want to get a ticket. So I headed out again and end up in the regular parking lot this time, the cast member was very helpful and gave me directions. I still screwed up but did a U turn and headed up to where I was supposed to and saw Papa, Bob and Isaac. I have never been so relieved. I was starting to panic.

After getting the boys back I got supper ready. We had tacos and the rest of the chicken Cesar salad.

Bob was taking this parents and Hailey back to Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks. Isaac did not want to go and Cameron just wanted to go swimming so I decided I would stay at the townhouse with them.

I took the boys to the playground but forgot the pass with the key codes so we walked there and back. No meltdowns from anyone so I was really impressed. Back at the townhouse I got the boys ready for swimming and they spend about an hour in the pool splashing around and throwing and retrieving the three float pucks I had got at the dollar store. After this all hell broke lose at the townhouse. I had Isaac go upstairs as I wanted the boys to have a bath. When I finally made it upstairs to the bathroom there was poop from one end of the bathroom to the other. Both boys stood there looking at me. Ok who did this? Of course no one seemed to know who did it. Cameron thought it was fun to slide around in it. I did not handle this very well at all. Not a good parenting moment for me. I think what happened was Isaac had a bowel movement either in the pool or when we got out. When he went upstairs and tired to take his swimming trunks off the poop went everywhere. So I gave the boys a bath, cleaned the bathroom floor, toilet and tub and some of the wall (don't ask) it was time for homework. Both boys where actually happy to do homework. After homework we ready a story and the boys went to bed. I switched the loads of laundry and went to bed myself.

Bob, Grandma, Papa and Hailey took the ferry this time to Magic Kingdom. I had thought there was a night time parade but opps I got the day wrong. They watched The Magic, The Memories and You show. This is a cool show where the project images on the castle. Next was the fireworks show and no one does it better than Disney. They did some shopping after to avoid the crowds and made it home just after 9:30 pm.

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