Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 1 Getting There

We left at 8:15 am. It was snowing and the roads where slippery in Waterloo. The further we drove the better the roads where. The boarder crossing took less than 10 minutes. There was no toll and you are on a island. We arrived at the airport at 10:30 good travelling time. So we had to kill time until our 3 pm flight. We drove around a bit and then had lunch at Denny's. After that we had to try and find somewhere to purchase children's Tylenol. I had packed some but Bob's said he was not going to dig thru 4 suitcases to find it. So we finally found a grocery store and Hailey and I went in to purchase some for Cameron who was running a fever.

So now we could go to the airport. The parking lot had lots and lots of vehicles covered under different levels of snow. We could not find a parking spot anywhere. Out of no where we hear honking. The shuttle driver told us to follow him and he found us a parking spot. He gave Bob a ticket so we can find our van again when we come home. I hope Bob doesn't lose it or we will never find our van.

The check in area was very crowded so Hailey took the carry ons and the boys and went and sat out of the way on a bench. After that we headed for security. Isaac had gotten a tour at the Waterloo Airport so he was telling us we had to take our shoes off and sweaters and put our bags on the belt. Security was almost empty. They waived us to a line all by our selves. Everyone did well although Cameron went thru really slow and was kind of scared but the officer didn't even smile and just kept waving at Cameron to go thru.

Off to Gate 16 we went only 2 more hours to hurry up and wait. I took all three kids for a walk from one end of the airport to the other. We did some jumping and pushing of walls to try and help Isaac and the other kids so they could sit for the 2 1/2 hour plane ride. Lunch did not agree with me and I spent a lot of time in the airport bathroom. Thank God the gravol I took kick in. Hailey had to come and get me out of the bathroom as they where having everyone line up for preboarding. We got Isaac a blue boarding pass which meant we got to board before everyone else. That really helped. Bob and Isaac where second on the plane. They went to the back and saved our seats. The rest of us; Hailey, Cameron and I, got to board when they had family boarding. I do not think I would like South West if Bob did not save our seats. A lot of people did not get to sit with their travelling companions and their was a lot of complaining going around. Bob had a lady sit beside her. Her and her husband where gong to Florida to sell and get rid of her Mother In Laws stuff as she had passed away before Christmas. The flight crew was awesome, they sang, and made jokes and where great with the kids. A+ for sure.

We arrived in Orlando on time at 5:40. Hailey helped Bob with the luggage and I sat with the boys. Now to find the rental car. We got an upgrade from a Kia to a Toyota Sienna a very nice van. We however did get screwed on the second driver charge. I had booked everything thru Price Line but had called Hertz to find out how much they would charge for a second driver. They told me $13.00 a day but it if I had a CAA membership in my name it would be free. I even asked does it matter that I booked thru price line and not CAA. They assured me that would be fine. I still didn't believe it so I called the 1-800 number the day before we left and they told me the same thing. So Bob got me a secondary CAA membership in my name for $40.00 We ended up paying $65.00 for me to drive. The guy did wave some other fees or it would have been almost $100.00.

So now we had to find our way to the management company so we could leave our deposit and get the keys for the townhouse. We found it no problem. Left our credit card information for the deposit and got the codes for the door and the security alarm. No keys to lose for us. Bob and Hailey went into Publix (a grocery store) and got some supplies and subs for them for supper and lunchables for the rest of us. All the kids where excited that they got apple jacks for breakfast.

We found the townhouse and it was exactly like the pictures. What a relief. When you book something on line you are taking every ones word for it. So I was relieved.

A long day of travelling but we made it and no one not even me had a melt down.

Yeah we are in Florida

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