Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 3 Jan 31, 2011

An early start to the day today. The boys woke up at 5:30 am. I tired to get them to go back to sleep. Isaac did fall back asleep and Cameron ended up in my bed at 6 am. The alarm went off at normal time 6:30 am so Bob got up and had his shower and took the boys downstairs for breakfast. I got up at like 7 am and had my shower, made all the beds upstairs, picked the boys clothes out and put a load of laundry on.
Hailey got up had her breakfast and had her shower. We are going to do things differently tomorrow. As Hailey was miserable. I think we will give her her pills first thing and then let her sleep a little bit before she joins the rest of us.

Bob and I looked at the park map and put the snacks and waters in the bags. We left later than we wanted too at 8:45 am. We arrived at Epcot around 9 am and got a parking spot within walking distance of the entrance.

After going thru security we headed right to Guest Services to get Isaac's special pass. I gave them the letter Christine, Isaac OT, had written for me and we had no problem getting the pass. This pass lets us go into the Fast Pass Lanes without having a Fast Pass. You can also use the handicap entrance to some of the shows as well. We also got 3 first visit buttons and 1 birthday button for Hailey and 4 celebration buttons for the rest of us.

The first ride we did was Spaceship Earth. There was no line at all. All the kids seemed to enjoy this ride although Cameron did not like it when it was dark. He grab onto my arm and did not let go.

As we where walking towards The Seas with Nemo & Friends we cam along a show. The Jamminators. They are three guys with garbage cans and they perform a show. It was really entertaining but Isaac did not like the noise.

Next we headed to The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Again no line at all. We walked right onto the ride. Isaac and Bob went first, Hailey and Cameron rode together and I had to go all by myself. Isaac loved this ride and found Nemo several times. After this we waited for about 5 minutes and went into the show Turtle Talk with Crush. The kids get to sit up front and the parents sit on benches at the back. We made sure Isaac got to sit on the end and Hailey sat in between the boys. Bob sat so he could see the kids and I sat further back as there was not enough room for Bob and I to sit together. This is a very cute show where Crush comes into the tank and talks to the kids. Isaac got picked to ask Crush a Question. As a parent you are holding your breath waiting to see what they are going to say. Isaac had a great question he asked "What do Turtles do at the Beach" Crush had just finished asking the kids what do Humans do at the beach. So I was really impressed that Isaac #1 was paying attention and #2 stayed on topic a very difficult thing for Isaac to do. After the show we spent some time exploring the fish tanks and exhibits they have. We even saw a scuba diver in a small tank.

Next Stop lunch. We where trying to eat early to avoid the crowds so this was around 11:15 or so. We at at the Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion. The boys had PB & J with apple sauce, carrot sticks and a juice box. Hailey, Bob and I got sandwiches. Bob and I thought the sandwiches where great but Hailey eat some of hers and complained the rest of the day as she kept burping up the taste of the sandwich and had an upset tummy for the rest of the day.

The Land pavilion seemed really busy and crowded. We took the boat ride Living with the land. I still can't believe how big the pumpkins where. They had a scene on the ride that showed a farm and Cameron thought it was Grandma Taugher's Farm. He wanted to go and visit. Too cute. Next was my favourite ride of the day Soarin'. Bob doesn't pay attention some times and if it wasn't for Hailey, Isaac would not have been buckled up properly. You had to put the seat belt thru another loop is the person was not tall enough. Thank Gosh Hailey noticed. I didn't as I was too busy trying to get Cameron buckled up and try and store my big bag under neath the seat. The attendant took my bag as it was too big too fit. The look on Cameron's face was priceless. I have never seen his eyes so big. I think he liked the ride. He kept moving his feet trying to touch the tree tops and the water.

At this point Isaac was a bit over stimulated so we thought we would do Journey into Imagination with Figment. This was the best thing for Isaac as it had a lot of sensory things going on. It worked like a charm and he seemed to calm down again.

Last ride of the day was Captain EO. I would not recommend this ride at all. Defiantly could of missed it. It was made in 1986 and featured Michael Jackson. It was one of the first 3D movies. Boring and the movie made no sense what so ever. A big disappointmente. They replaced Honey I shrunk the Audience with this. I think they are trying to capitalize on Michael Jackson.

We took a break and the Cameron got a Mickey Ice cream sandwich and Hailey and Isaac got a rainbow freeze. $3.25 each, Disney sure knows how to charge. While we where having our snack we got to see the JAMMinaors again.

We went to Innoventions West and explored. This is a great place with lots of hand on stuff to do. I thought it was geared for older kids but in fact it was geared for Cameron and Isaac's age group. Hailey still had fun but it was more for little kids.
Bob, Hailey and Isaac started doing the Piggy Bank game and Cameron and I caught up with them after we went to the bathroom and cleaned up after the ice cream sandwich.
After that went to the Velcro show. We were not going to but a girl around Hailey's age told us it is a great show where everyone gets to participate so we decided to give it a try. Isaac got to participate in the Velcro building block race. His team lost and Isaac handled it very well. He has improved so much. Then it was Bob's turn to participate. We had to wear a apron and put a diaper on a baby doll and give it a bottle and then Velcro it to his apron. The Dad with the most babies wins. It was a tie with 5 1/2 babies each. I don't even know how you get 1/2 a baby but they did.
Next Isaac and Daddy and Cameron did create your own Video game and Hailey and I did another interactive game. Bob took the boys to a game with fire trucks and Hailey did the create your own video game.

On the way out we hit the gift shop and I got postcards and a few other things. Money goes really really fast at Disney.

We drove back to the resort and I got us the pass for the resort pool. For supper Me, Bob and Hailey had my homemade potato soup with garlic bread and the boys had Toast and some fruit. After supper we made the kids do some homework. Yes homework on Holidays we are mean mean parents.

We decided to go the resort pool even though it was a bit cool outside. I convinced Bob to Drive over as it would be cold on the way back. The water was beautiful but you froze your butt off when you got out.

We came back and Bob put the boys to bed and Hailey went swimming in the pool at the townhouse and I watched her.

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