Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 Jan 30, 2011

We woke up to fog. So very disappointed. As we arrived at night we didn't get to see anything and now with the fog we still did get to see any of the landscape.

Surprise Surprise the boys woke up normal time 6:45 am. So we got up showered and had breakfast. Bob and I and Cameron went to Wal Mart to get supplies and Hailey stayed and babysat Isaac for us. This was a Super Wal Mart so they had the stuff we needed and more. We did not get all our shopping done as we had to get back and put the stuff away and get to Chef Mickey for our 11:15 am. reservation. However the sun came out and it was a bright and sunny day.

We took a wrong turn going to Chef Mickey at ended up at the parking lot to Magic Kingdom the attendant quickly told us how to get to the Contemporary Resort. We had to cross like 6 or 8 lanes but we did it and no accident happened.

The Contemporary Resort is very impressive. No Charge for parking a big surprise that Disney doesn't charge for something. We got to take the elevator up to the 4th floor for Chef Mickey. The kids where all in awe of the Monorail as comes right inside the building.

We got a Magical Experience. After Bob checked us in and we got our picture taken. I went and talked to the lady assigning tables and explained that Isaac has Autism and could we get a table in a corner not one in the middle of everything. I told her we are willing to wait for such a table. She said she would look into it and was glad I said something as they would have put us in the middle of the dinning room. I went back to where Bob and the kids where and she came and got me and took me and showed me two tables to see if they would work. I choose the second one and then we where ushered to our seats. Great Customer Service.

Isaac was not into meeting the characters and just wanted to wave at them. We had him sit at the table so he could see them coming up the stairs. Cameron however was really into it. He wanted to give each and everyone a hug. He had a smile from one ear to the next. The food was OK nothing special. Breakfast buffet with Mickey Waffles. Those where the kids favourites. Our server make sure we got to see all the characters. We got to see, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck. Isaac was excited to see Donald Duck as he is the silliest one and gave him a great big hug. Minnie Mouse gave Cameron a kiss on his head and he said it was even better than Mommy's kisses.

After Chef Mickey we went into the gift shop and all the boys got their Disney hats. Bob got a Goofy one, Isaac got a Mickey ears hat with the sorcery's hat on it, and no surprise Cameron got a Car hat. Hailey picked out ears with a fairy train for her self.

Now we where going to ride the monorail. We did, there are 3 runs, 1 to the resort, 1 to Magic Kingdom and 1 to Epcot. The one to Epcot was my favourite as you go around Epcot and you can see the rides.

When we stopped at the TTC we got off and took the Ferry Boat to Magic Kingdom. As we where stopping to get pictures of the castle. Fire Works went off. Bob got the shot.

After all that we went back got our car and drove back to the townhouse. On the way back we purchased some beach towels. $16.99 each we should have purchased them from Wal Mart for $10.00 but they where $21.00 at Disney. When we got back Bob took the kids swimming in the pool at the townhouse and I put stuff away and organized things a bit.

Isaac, Mom and Dad went and got our Sim cars for our cell phones and got the rest of the grocery shopping done. We went to Public, the one that the resort recommended. If you got to the one near Disney the prices are more expensive. Their fresh fruit and produce sucked. I got what I could as I did not want to have to go somewhere else.

After coming back and putting those groceries away we had breakfast for supper. One of the kids favourite.

After supper Bob took the kids to explore the resort and get the pool pass while I stayed back and made some meals to freeze. Bob went to the club house but the place we needed to get the pass was closed but they where just starting a movie in the theatre room. So the kids got to watch Marmaduke with one other family. I made two containers of Potato Soup, 1 stir fry, and fired the meat for the taco's. The knifes they had at the townhouse could not cut hot butter. I had to use two hands to cut thru the carrots. I was not impressed at all.

Bob came back and we got the kids to bed around 8:45. Cameron had troubles sleeping so he came back down and played for a bit.

Bob and I got the bags ready to go to Epcot tomorrow. It was a great first day in Florida.

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