Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 10 February 7, 2011

We had to decide if we where going to go to Hollywood Studio's today or Epcot. Hollywood Studio's won the vote. We are planning on 1/2 a day as yesterday was a long day.

The first thing we did was go and see Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Cameron got picked to Welcome everyone to the show. We had Isaac as the back up as he did not know if Cameron would be able to do it or not. They both did great. This was an awesome show. Some of it was a movie, some of it was like the Little People Theatre and some of it was live actors. I really enjoyed it and so did the kids. Next we went and did the Studio Back Lot tour. This was really cool, you got to see a sort of stunt show first where they showed you how they did some shooting scenes and such for a movie about Pearl Harbour. Then we got to go on a tram and see some props for old movies, then we got to go on a stage that had a fire and rain storm really cool. Next Bob, Hailey and Isaac went and saw Sounds Dangerous. Cameron does not like loud noises so he and I sat on a bench and people watched. The kids wanted to do the Toy Story ride again. So Bob took them and I sat with all their stuff. Last not not least we went and saw the Beauty and the Beast show. The kids loved it. I was unsure how they would react but they sat still and really enjoyed the show.

We went back to the townhouse and had pizza for lunch. I took the kids swimming in the townhouse pool while Bob made a trip to Wal Mart to get Isaac's glasses fixed. The screw fell out of it. I phoned Wal Mart and they said they would fix it for us. They didn't even charge us. After Bob came back everyone had a nap.
The boys had PB & J for supper and Hailey, Bob and I had my homemade potato soup and garlic bread.

After supper I took Hailey to the resort pool and Bob did some homework with the boys. We meet a family for New Found Land at the pool. They where around Hailey's age so she played with them for a bit.

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