Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 13 gong home

Now it is time to head back to the cold. Have to say I am looking forward to going home. It was nice being away but I was starting to get home sick. I want to sleep in my own bed.

Bob got the boys their breakfast and I went thru all the cabinets and drawers upstairs to make sure we did not forget anything. When I came down Bob got the boys ready to go swimming in the pool. It was raining but who cares you are wet anyway.
I had my breakfast and then got Hailey up. She had her breakfast and then went to swim with the boys so we could finish packing everything.

We had to be out of there by 10 am so we had a deadline. I don't know how we did it but we had way more stuff to come home with us then we took there. We had to take the car seat and carry it instead of packing it like we did on the way there. We also had to leave 1/2 package of diapers, 1 1/2 packages of swimmers and 1/2 package of pull ups. Can you say $$ but it would have cost us double the cost to try and pack them.

At 10 am we where just taking our suitcases to the van. The management company was there. They where nice and answered all our questions when I phoned. So we had to put in time so we went to the Big Target and did some looking around and window shopping. The boys where looking at the toys and getting their list for Santa ready. Yes Santa list in Feb lol.

After all this excitement it was still only 11 am so we went to Bob Evans for lunch. The food was good and it was cheap $23.00 for all of us. Bob double checked the bill as he thought they forgot to charge us for something. Nope that was the bill.

Now we headed to the airport about a 30 minute drive. The traffic was busy but moving. We found the Rental Car drop off. They have that done to a science. You drive up, they scan the VIN number leave the keys in the vehicle and get your luggage out and that is it. It was a bit difficult trying to move, 4 suitcases, 4 carry ones and car seat and 3 kids. But Hailey was a big help and the boys where cooperating. We wanted to use the luggage cart but it cost $4.00 and the hertz office did not have change for the $10.00 he had.

Anyway we got our boarding passes printed. I was worried about this on the way there I printed them at home. But Southwest has an area for you to do that. We got rid of our luggage. Two of them where like 49 something pounds so we where not over the weight allowed. I have to say I do not like Orlando Airport. There is not enough room at the counters and too many stores. You would think they could have made the check in a bit bigger. Now we had to go thru security. There was lots and lots of people. We went to the left. I have heard this is the way to go so we did it. The security officer was really nice and friendly. Some people where tyring to get in between Bob, the kids and me but the security officer just told them to wait as this family has to stay together. Do I mentioned I really liked this security officer. As we went to the left we where surround by veteran travellers so no one was pushy or in a hurry. One guy even let us go ahead of him and this is after I offered to let him go in front of us as we where going to be a while. We went thru security with no issue and put our shoes on out of the way.

No we had to find our gate. It was 1 pm and our flight was supposed to leave at 3:40. We had to hurry up and wait. The kids where very good. Bob took the boys for a walk around the airport this time and that put in some time. No tummy issues this time for me Thank God. Our flight was delayed till 3:55. We got Isaac a blue pass again and he and Bob where like the 5th people on the plane this time. There where 4 or 5 seniors in wheelchairs on this flight. There was also a Mom, who looked very sick. Her son had a black eye and was talking with Bob. He caught a baseball with his eye. He liked Bob and Isaac's hat. Makes you really appreciate what you have. I would say this lady had cancer and was taking her kids on a fun filled trip. Made me will hug my kids just a little big tighter. Anyway this time we sat behind Bob in the back seat. The plane was not full so Bob and Isaac got to sit by themseves. Cameron joined Bob mid flight but came back to sit with me as Daddy didn't help him with his stuff he had. The flight was very bumpy and rough. However we made it to Buffalo early. Not sure how that works as we left later but Bob said it has something to do with the wind. Our flight crew this time did their job but they where not as friendly and out going as the flight crew down there.
After we got of the plane we did bathroom breaks and then went and got our luggage. Bob and Hailey went to find the van and I stayed with the boys. Cameron was so cold he was shaking. Found his coat and put in on. It was cold in Buffalo. Our van was not too covered in snow and Bob found it no problem. The roads where great so we headed home, the boarder crossing was easy and we had no issues. We stopped off at Tim Hortons as Hailey as hungry she did not eat her PB & J sandwich on the plane. The boys where asleep by this time. We arrived home around 9:30 and could not believe how much snow was on Bob's car. We got a lot of snow when we where in Florida.

It is so nice to Home. Home Sweet Home. Even the cat came and said hello to us. I think she might have missed us.

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