Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 7 Feb 4, 2011

Well Hailey is still not feeling well. Bob and I decided to give Hailey her pills (as not to screw up her system) but let her sleep in and I would meet everyone at the park later on in the day. Since we had our rental Van and Grandma and Papa's vehicle we could do that.

We had gone back and forth from going to Magic Kingdom today or Hollywood Studios. The decision was made to go back to Hollywood Studios as Papa and Grandma only had a 2 day pass and I thought it would be better for them to do two different parks instead of the same one. I quickly got on the phone and got reservations for 5 at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant. My brother David and Shawn went there when then went in 2008 and said it was really cool and thought my boys would love it.

So off they went while Hailey slept. While they where away I got on a cleaning spree (Doesn't happen very often) I vacuumed, mopped the floor, did a couple of loads of laundry, organized my receipts, cleaned the bathroom downstairs and then sat down and watched some TV. Hailey got up around 10:30 had a little bit to eat and was still complaining about her stomach and now her throat. She had used all our adult gravel so we made the decision to go to the Super Target to pick up a few things. Hailey was feeling a little bit better as she wanted to look around and do a bit of shopping. After shopping we came back and had lunch. Hailey decided that she did not want to go to the park today and wanted to take it easy. I thought this was a good idea as we still had 5 more days to see and do things. She went upstairs and fell asleep. She really did I went and checked on her.

This is what Papa, Grandma, Bob, Isaac and Cameron did at the park. The first thing that the Big Boys did (Papa and Bob) was greet Goofy and get their picture taken with them. Bob is so much like his Dad they are big kids at heart makes life fun. Next they went to The Magic of Disney Animation. The boys played some games and then they had a drawing lesson. They teach you how to dry a character. Today the character was goody. After this they went on The Great Movie Ride. Bob did not tell me anything about this so I don't really know what it is all about. According to my Book it is a seated ride where you see scene from classic movies enacted by Audio-Animatroncis.

Now it was lunch time. They went to Sci-Fi Dine In Theater Restaurant. You get to sit in vintage cars; the got to sit in a pink Cadillac, and watch movies like at a Drive In. Bob said the hamburgers where great and the boys like having their pizza on a Mickey Plate. Bob's parents thought it was a bit expensive with $20.00 a piece for a hamburger but they did get a special drink that comes with a light up tinker bell. This is Disney after all and nothing is cheap here.

After lunch they went to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Bob reported that the benches where cold but the show was fun. They had three set changes and a exploding airplane. Grandma and Papa went to see Back lot Express tour and Bob took the boys to the Honey I shrunk the movie set. This is a play area for the kids with slides and things to climb on. The boys loved it and did not want to leave.

Now it was time to take a break and hopefully watch a parade. Isaac wanted a balloon $10.00 but we had given them their own money and had told them they could spend it on what they wanted. So Isaac got his balloon. Bob said the parade was great. They saw the Incrediables, Bugs Life, Ratatouee, Monsters Inc. Up, Toy Story.

Before they left the boys wanted to do Toy Story Midway Mania again. They drove back to the townhouse and the boys and Hailey went swimming in the pool.

For supper we had my stir fry and potatoes, with Hailey and the boys having PB and J and yogurt and some fruit.

A good day was had by all.

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