Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 4 Feb 1, 2011

We went to Animal Kingdom today. The Cast member who was directing us to our parking spot was awesome. She had so much energy. She even came over and helped us get the boys daily pictures as they were not cooperating. I think she may have had 10 cups of coffee. She was bouncing and happy.

After getting thru security, Bob took the big kids to Expedion Everst and I took Cameron on a walk to hopefully see some characters and meet up with them when they where done. We walked towards Africa and then down the path from Africa to Asisa. There seemed to be a lot of rude people today. Some guy ran over Cameron's foot with his stroller. On the path we saw a monkey that Cameron wanted nothing to do with. He hide behind my back. Then we saw Flick the great big Ant. Cameron gave him a hug. It wasn't busy on the path at all. There was no line for any of the characters. Cameron decided he was hungry again so we stopped at some benches that had a beautiful view of the Tree of life. Bob and the big kids found us and had their snacks. They really liked the Expedition ride. Note to myself DO NOT I repeat DO NOT give the boys frozen yogurt tubes. Yogurt was everywhere. On our way to the Safari ride we found a secret path. What did we find on this secret path but Blue the bear from Jungle Book and the Ape. Cameron was again scared and hide behind my back. I must say these where large characters, they where taller than Bob. Isaac did not want to meet them but Blue decided to try and get Isaac by going around Bob. Isaac thought it was fun.

Next we went on the Kilimajoro Safari. We where again grateful for Isaac's pass. We got to use the fast pass lane and go by everyone else waiting in line. We got great seats. We got to sit at the back of the vehicle. So Bob got some great shots out the back and no ones head was in the way. I had to really hold onto Cameron as we where bouncing around a lot. I had both my arms around him and was holding on to him for dear life. We saw lots of animals, Elephant and a baby Elephant, some hippos and Bob got a picture of the hippo in the water with its mouth open and a baby giraffe to mention a few.

We where all a bit tired and cranky from our fun filled day yesterday but did not want to leave. Next time if we are tired we will leave. Anyway we headed to the Wildlife Express train that takes you to Rafikis Planet Watch. It was too bad we where tired as there is a lot of cool things to do and explore. What we did do was a plant and bug hunt. There was a petting place but the big kids did not want to do it so Cameron and I went in. We got to pet some goats, and sheep. Growing up on a farm this was not very interesting for me but Cameron; a city kid, was loving it. I had to convince him to leave. Bob and the big kids where watching a show about an owl so we went and joined them. After the owl they had a skunk come out that they where in the process of training. Someone had bought this skunk as a pet, but even descented a skunk still smells like a skunk. Hailey volunteered to be a helper. She had to try and get the skunk to do a few tricks. She did not want to speak loud so it did not work out as well as they would have liked.

After this we left and picked up lunch as Bob and I where in no mood to have to try and cook something. After lunch everyone had a much needed nap.

After nap time, Mom and Cameron went shopping to Wal Mart. Cameron loves shopping at Wal Mart so he was happy to go. Bob took the big kids to the play ground near us. There was slides, and swings, and a merry go round kind of thing. Bob said that Hailey and Isaac where gong around so fast it made him dizzy. After that he took them to the resort pool. Isaac loved the slide at the pool and Hailey made some friends that where about her age.

For supper we had fish and chips and a chicken Cesar salad. Hailey was still not feeling well at did not eat very much. She actually went and layed down after supper.

We got a phone call and Grandma and Papa where nearby. Two days early, TWO DAYS EARLY. After my panic, we quickly got Hailey's stuff out of the bedroom downstairs and put her upstairs in the boys room. We had Cameron sleep on the crib matress on the floor in the closet in our bedroom. No need to panic the closet was a big as my bathroom at home.

Bob went to the security office to wait for his parents and I took Cameron swimming in the pool at the townhouse as I had promised him. That is where Grandma and Papa found us. They had great travelling time and missed all the snow storms.

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